Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Presence of Glory by Kimberly Moore| Lulu Poetry

In the Presence of Glory by Kimberly Moore| Lulu Poetry

In the Presence of Glory

by Kimberly Moore

As I slowly walk on the dusty brown paséo, the aging wood screeches to every anticipating step. While searching for an intriguing creature to captivate my attention, I come to an abrupt halt and ponder the purpose of my journey.

A red shoulder hawk sits on its perch conjuring a motive, motionless and gazing upon the wetland. A tree gently sways from left to right in the wind, and the sun begins to dance with the leaf’s shadow on the earth underneath my feet. There are distant harmonic echoes of avian conversations in the distance.

A breeze crawls over my face with the allusiveness of serenity. With absolute gratitude of its divine power, I lose all feelings of existence as the warmth of the sun holds me in its arms as my mother would hold me when I was a child, protecting me from life’s mysteries, which I have come to discover.

My head tilts to stare up to the heavens. The dreadful fiery glare pressures me to look away and step into a world filled with turmoil and chaos. External entities in devil’s flesh attempt to stir me away from my Father’s covenant. He cast them into an abandoned dessert and protects me from incorporeal harm.

Copyright © Kimberly Isom 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Website Launch

Hi Everyone: I just wanted to announce the launch of my personal training site, Learn more about my services and contact me for affordable rates or just check back to keep up with progression, contest, and the happenings. From time to time, I'll post workout tips and nutrition advice. Feel free to post any comments!


Recovering from a bug...

Has anyone every had a stomach virus? I had the worst!! It started on New Year's day. Occasionally, when I'm eating clean, 98% of the time - if I eat something outside of those limits, I get sick. I had a wonderful New Year playing the Wii with my Fiance, Vincent, you'll hear me mention him a lot, and his Aunts, Uncles, and family friends after a delicious feast. I developed a slight headache, but I figured it was all the excitement of the games.

Later that night, as I tried to rest, I jumped up and headed to bowl, from my mouth out came what I had eaten. I'm thinking it's normal, but couldn't imagine just what I had eaten to cause this.... After all, all I had was turkey, cabbage, collards, black eyed peas and cornbread. You know it's just not a New Year's feast without the collards and black eyed peas; right? Anyways... I just couldn't figure it out. I cleaned myself up and tried to rest once again..and I was up back at it again..I won't get to graphic, but this would be the scene for the entire duration of the night into the morning, and onto the next day. Yes...all day! I had horrible stomach cramps and pains, with a rumbling tummy that just wouldn't quit!

I dropped 7lbs - would have been nice, if I didn't look so scary. I and was weak and was at a lost for food. Yes, you know I had to be sick!

Vincent took such good care of me. Kudos to him..he was a fab caregiver. He barely left my side. I need to get sick more often..NOT!

He prepared all my food, drinks, home remedies....and brought it to me on a tray. At this time I couldn't lay down and had to sleep in the recliner for a much better feeling on my stomach.

I had soup and crackers, and loads of ginger ale and gatorade. Pepto, aspirin...the works. No matter what I ate or drank it was coming out from one end or the other.

Saturday night around 10pm, I felt a little better. Vincent and I watched a movie. The Soliost. Very heartfelt.

Still had the bubbleguts, but I was determined to get better. Vincent was very encouraging.

Sunday, I tried to eat a bit of eggs and toast and to the bathroom I went. I had decided I wasn't going to church...but the God in me, wouldn't let me just stay home. I took a nap before going, still very tired and weak, but God gives me breath, so I give him praise.

I made it through service, barely. I took a trip to the restroom before taking my seat. My count down was on, but I did pay attention to the message. The Pastor preached about having a New Life. And the scripture reading came from Colossians. See, I was paying attention; despite the odds.

When we got home from church, I just took it easy, and why did I try to eat some potatos and turkey? Now that was a big mistake and jacked me up. I couldn't stay off that toliet. Seemed like every 5 mins...

Later in the night, Vincent got sick, too..Poor thing. He had the same symptoms. I felt so bad, but I was too weak to care from him, as he had for me. I just mumbled to him from the bed. He was up all I had been previously.

We were both a mess!

Monday morning, I was on the phone with the insurance company trying to find a doctor in my network. Luckily there was one that I had previously gone to. Perfect!

I took one trip to the toliet, showered, and headed to the doctor.

At first I was told it was food poising, just by the symptoms I described alone. After the testing, to detemine if it was bacteria or viral...viral won!

A prescription was sent to Walgreens and I was given my dietary recommendations for the remainder of the day. While picking up the prescription, I grabbed more ginger ale and chicken noodle soup for both Vincent and myself.

When I arrived home, we ate and drank and took those meds. We were knocked out. That's some good stuff. Fixed us right on up. We were inside, literally snoozing all day and night. We woke up approx every 8 hrs to eat, drink, and take more meds.

What a treat, that bug....